Ceramic Industry

A.W.T.: Portable Drying And Storage Rack

November 20, 2000
A.W.T. World Trade, Inc., a basic manufacturer of screen printing equipment and supplies, has recently presented a complete new series of drying and storage racks. The RACK-IT™ series of drying and storage racks is now available in 14 sizes. The range of styles and sizes in the RACK-IT series was designed to meet the needs of printers and artists in the smallest shops and the larger production houses. The DR-18 series of racks are designed with 10 x 18-in. double sided, baked enamel finish rigid shelves. The DR-18-50 table model has 25 shelves on each side. All DR-18 models are UPS shippable. For larger shelf size requirements, the DR-24-40 with 40 18 x 24-in. shelves, rubber bumpers and caster portability is available. The DR-24-40 has been designed to be easily assembled, and can be shipped by UPS.

For more information, call (773) 777-7100, fax (773) 777-0909, e-mail sales@awt-gpi.com or visit http://www.awt-gpi.com.