Ceramic Industry

About the 2001 Market Overview

August 1, 2001

This issue contains market information and forecasts for several ceramic industry segments, including advanced ceramics, dinnerware, tile, sanitaryware, refractories, glass and brick/structural clay. Following each market overview is the list of Giants for that industry segment—manufacturing companies whose net revenues were greater than $1 million.

This year, the Giants are once again listed in alphabetical order rather than by sales. A breakout of ceramic/glass-only sales could not be obtained for numerous companies, making a ranking by sales misleading. Sales figures are provided where they could be obtained, but be sure to read the explanatory notes to determine whether the company is a major or minor player in the ceramic industry.

Full listings, including contact information and company descriptions, are provided for the top 20 manufacturers in each category. To determine which manufacturers belonged in the top 20, we used a company’s sales figures in ceramic/glass products. In some cases, while a company’s total 2000 sales might have merited a listing in the top 20, their ceramic/glass sales relegated them to a lower position on the list. Where a breakout of ceramic-only sales was not available, the editors used their own discretion based on other industry information. Full listings for all companies in the 2000 Giants can be found on our website at www.ceramicindustry.com.

Ceramic Industry staff used a variety of resources to compile our Giants listings. Manufacturers listed in last year’s Giants received a faxed form requesting updated information. Additionally, we posted the “Giants listing form” on our website and also printed it in our April and May issues to encourage manufacturers of finished ceramic/glass products to submit their company information for inclusion in the 2000 Giants listings. We appreciate those companies that took the time to send in their completed form.

Many ceramic manufacturers, however, did not submit their information, and for those companies, we did our best to compile the information from other sources (see “Sources” below). We started with the list compiled last year and previous years, and searched every resource we could find for information about those companies. We also extensively cross-referenced other companies we came across along the way. Many companies continue to publish their annual reports on their website, and those were used extensively in this effort.

The result is that Giants continues to improve. This year’s listing is more complete than last year’s—but it’s still a work in progress. We continue to need your help in making sure that Giants eventually becomes complete and comprehensive.

We will be posting a searchable list of the 2001 Giants online at www.ceramicindustry.com. We will also update the list periodically with any other companies we can find or that contact us requesting to be listed. If your company manufactures finished ceramic/glass products but is not listed in this year’s Giants, please contact us. You can fill out the Giants form on our website, or photocopy the form found on page 64 of our April 2001 issue and fax it to (248) 366-2504. Or you can e-mail your information to grahlk@bnp.com. If you would like to have a Giants form sent to you, please contact the editor at (248) 366-2503 or at the fax or e-mail listed above.

As always, we appreciate your feedback. Don’t forget to check our website periodically to find the updated listings!


[A] Annual Report
[D&B] Dun & Bradstreet
[F] The Forbes Private 500 at Forbes.com
[H] Hoovers
[N] Company news releases
[S] Company response to CI survey (printed form and/or fax request)
[W] Company website
[WIS] Wright Investors’ Service
+ = sales figure converted with 1/1/01 rates using Dynamind Online Currency Converter. (Use of a single date is designed to minimize the effect of currency fluctuation on these rankings.)