Ceramic Industry

Abrasive-Form, Inc.: Creep Feed Grinding Advisory

February 26, 2003
Abrasive-Form, Inc. has developed an advisory, "Outsourcing Economics Explained," to help managers of manufacturing operations gain a better understanding of the range of factors that comprise an accurate cost-benefit analysis of maintaining creep feed grinding operations in-house vs. outsourcing. This advisory is one of many tools Abrasive-Form is developing to help manufacturers improve profitability by appropriately utilizing available creep feed grinding outsource resources. The advisory discusses issues that bear on creep feed grinding outsource vs. in-house decisions within the spheres of cost, delivery, quality, flexibility and risk reduction.

Requests for copies of the new advisory should be directed to msmith@abrasive-form.com . It can also be downloaded at http://www.abrasive-form.com/outsource.htm.