Ceramic Industry

ACI Generates Electric Power from Waste Mechanical Energy (1/3/07)

January 3, 2007

Advanced Cerametrics Inc. (ACI) recently announced the development of a device, based on the company’s piezoelectric ceramic fiber composites (PFCs), that is capable of producing sufficient levels of electrical power to run typical handheld and other low-power electronic devices. The process is accomplished by capturing mechanical energy, available almost everywhere, and converting it into electricity. ACI’s new PFC design uses a combination of improved ceramic materials and processes, as well as ceramic fiber composite design, along with new very low-power electronics. The company has accomplished the generation and storage of over 120 milliwatts of continuous power for over 200 seconds, from three seconds of a small vibration.

The company’s website is located at www.advancedcerametrics.com.