Ceramic Industry

ACIMAC Offers Summary of Italian Ceramic Plant and Machinery Industry

June 27, 2005
ACIMAC (the Association of Italian Manufacturers of Machinery and Equipment for Ceramics) recently unveiled a summary of its 13th Annual National Statistical Survey of the Italian ceramic plant and machinery industry. The survey shows sector performance in 2004 with a turnover of 1,593.4 million euro (up 13.6% on 2003); a strong recovery in the Italian market (up 4.6% on 2003); and a satisfactory result from exports (+17.6%), which account for 71.9% of total sales. The 2004 results interrupt the negative trend that began in 2001. Sales of machinery to the Italian tile industry have performed particularly strongly (+14.1%), while sales to the brick industry have increased by 7.1%, largely due to export turnover (+13.8%). The process of contraction in the European market, fuelled mainly by the Spanish market recession, has come to an end (up 24.6% on 2003). Growth figures are also reported for sales in the Middle East (+54.3%), while a negative trend in exports to Southeast Asia is confirmed, with sales down by 32.1%. Africa is also showing a fall (-6.6%).

For additional information, call (39) 059-826268 or e-mail stampa@acimac.it. The association's website is located at http://www.acimac.it.