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ADSI Receives $9 Million Order for CPK Parts (posted 9/14/09)

September 14, 2009
The parts will be used to reset ADSI add-on-armor crew protection kits currently deployed on U.S. Marine Corps construction vehicles.

American Defense Systems, Inc. (ADSI) recently announced that the U.S. Marine Corps Systems Command at Quantico, Va., has placed a $9 million order for spare and replacement parts. The parts will be used to reset ADSI add-on-armor (AoA) crew protection kits (CPKs) currently deployed on U.S. Marine Corps construction vehicles. ADSI’s existing field service representatives are expected to assist the Marines in the reset process.

The order represents the second largest placed under the three-year, $30 million firm fixed price, indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity, three-year, sole-source contract awarded in April 2009 to provide CPKs and spare parts for various types of construction vehicles used in U.S. Marine Corps military operations. The order is expected to be completed by March 2010, with the majority of the order shipped by the end of 2009.

ADSI previously reported that it expected to realize a little more than half of the total contract award amount-or approximately $16 million-from an initial CPK delivery order scheduled for completion by the end of 2009. This initial order has been shipped ahead of schedule and the company is currently working to complete approximately $5 million in additional CPK orders. The company now expects to fulfill the $30 million allotted under the U.S. Marines contract by the end of the first quarter of 2010.

Once the $30 million contract award is fulfilled, the company anticipates receiving future contracts and orders for CPKs and spare parts, as well as engaging in related training and maintenance activity, as the U.S. Marines continue to employ CPK-equipped vehicles in military operations around the world.

“This new $9 million order exceeds our original expectation for spare parts and accelerates the completion of the $30 million contract award from three years to less than one,” said Anthony J. Piscitelli, ADSI’s CEO. “The $30 million contract award was the largest we have received from the U.S. Marines Corps, and we believe it demonstrates how the increasing adoption of our CPKs positions us to secure long-term recurring revenue through maintenance and repair over the life of these vehicles. We are naturally very proud to have this responsibility of protecting our military service personnel with our state-of-the-art CPKs, which have already saved many lives and continue to protect our brave men and women from serious injury.”

ADSI CPKs are custom-designed and fitted to offer a maximum amount of security for the operator. They feature windows of fully transparent armor, opaque armor siding (ATC Aberdeen-tested and approved to meet all Operation Iraqi Freedom requirements), a patent-pending combat lock, tool-less emergency egress windows, fortified door hinges and an integrated crew comfort system. The CPKs are modular and can be applied to the vehicle either during its assembly stateside or as a retrofit in theater.

Additional information is available at www.adsiarmor.com.