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Agilent Announces Acquisition of Particle Sizing Systems (posted 8/13/08)

August 13, 2008

Agilent Technologies Inc. has acquired Particle Sizing Systems, a privately held company that designs and manufactures instruments that measure particle size and stability in a wide range of materials. Financial terms were not disclosed. Most of the 37 Particle Sizing Systems employees will join Agilent. The acquisition expands Agilent’s growing portfolio of particle analysis solutions and directly addresses customer needs in small nanoparticles and large particle agglomerates.

“With the growth of products based on nanomaterials -- from medicines to diesel fuel catalysts -- understanding the size of these particles is increasingly important for the manufacturer to both control product performance and stability, and to understand the impact of these new materials on the environment,” said Mike Gasparian, vice president and general manager of Agilent’s Materials Science Solutions Unit. “Agilent now offers customers instruments that measure a large spectrum of particles.”

Particle Sizing Systems designs and manufactures instruments that provide highly accurate particle size measurements using industry-standard laser light scattering technology. Proprietary algorithms and patents provide superior characterization of particle size distribution, with the ability to measure both large and small particles in the dispersion.

Additional information is available at www.agilent.com. Particle Sizing Systems’ website is located at www.pssnicomp.com.