Ceramic Industry

Alberox Introduces Electronic Packages For Aerospace

January 3, 2001
Alberox has introduced its electronic packages for aerospace applications. Using its application engineering expertise, Alberox produces electronic packages that incorporate advanced materials to maximize current, voltage and power handling capabilities for demanding power hybrid circuit applications. Electronic packages are constructed from a variety of metal components and high purity alumina (Al203) ceramic. These corrosion-resistant materials, in conjunction with the company's manufacturing processes, yield stable hermiticity in severe environments. The electronic packages also adhere to military guidelines MIL-PRF-38534 and MIL-STD-883, ensuring long life and reliability. Featuring robust designs, the electronic packages are reportedly resistant to vibration and mechanical shock failure, making them ideal for aerospace applications. Also, the packages are manufactured using CuMo composite bases to provide outstanding thermal conductivity.

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