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Alcoa's Sustainability Report Underscores Commitment

March 26, 2004

Alcoa has published its "2003 Sustainability Report," a detailed, databased review of the company's global environmental, social and economic performance. The 2003 report underscores Alcoa's commitment to a sustainable future and reports on the company's progress and the challenges it still faces. This is the second year the report has been published and the first time it has been released concurrent with Alcoa's Annual Report. "Performance rather than talk is Alcoa's way of demonstrating progress toward a sustainable future," said Chairman and CEO Alain Belda. "Through our 2020 strategic framework, we have established clear targets to support our vision of becoming the best company in the world. In this report, we offer you a collection of data and information that measures our progress."

The report is available online at http://www.alcoa.com.