Ceramic Industry

Alfa Aesar: Boronic Acids

October 10, 2006

Alfa Aesar, a Johnson Matthey company, recently announced the publication of a new 36-page technical document, which outlines the chemical properties and highlights the main synthetic uses of boronic acids and related chemicals. The new publication discusses the properties and applications of boronic acids and the related chemistry. The book also includes a listing of the Alfa Aesar range of boronic acids, boronic esters, oxazaborolidine reagents, coupling and hydroboration catalysts, phosphine ligands and boronylation reagents. Within the field of organoboron chemistry, boronic acids have emerged in a leading role, with applications in synthesis, catalysis, analytical chemistry and biological systems.

To receive a copy of the new document, or for more information about boronic acids, call (800) 343-0660, e-mail info@alfa.com or visit www.alfa.com.