Ceramic Industry

Alfa Aesar: Platinum Labware Handbook

December 5, 2006

Alfa Aesar, a Johnson Matthey company, has published a new 60-page “Platinum Labware” reference handbook and catalog that outlines the selection, use and care of laboratory ware made from platinum and other precious metals. The book also includes an updated review of the Spectroflux® brand of alkali metal borate fusion fluxes. The new book provides a guide to choosing the correct material to match labware applications. One section discusses the technical and practical benefits of Johnson Matthey’s zirconia grain stabilized (ZGS) platinum, which is engineered to resist the grain growth that can lead to creep deformation and contamination failure. Other materials covered include pure platinum, platinum-rhodium, platinum-gold non-wetting alloys, silver, gold and iridium.

To receive a copy of the new handbook/catalog, or for more information about platinum labware, call (800) 343-0660, e-mail info@alfa.com or visit www.alfa.com.