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Alfa Aesar: Precious Metal Compounds and Catalysts Catalog

April 23, 2002
The new "2002/03 Precious Metal Compounds and Catalysts" catalog is now available from Alfa Aesar. This 52-page publication lists a full range of precious metal chemicals and catalysts, including platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium, ruthenium, gold, silver and osmium. In addition to hundreds of salts and complex compounds, the catalog includes a comprehensive range of high-purity Johnson Matthey heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysts. These precious metal products are used in a broad spectrum of research and development applications. The catalog also carries proprietary Johnson Matthey product lines, such as the HiSPEC(TM) line of precious metal catalysts for fuel cell research.

The company's complete product line is also available at http://www.alfa.com.