Ceramic Industry

Alfa Aesar: Synthetic Organic Compounds Brochure

June 21, 2002
Alfa Aesar recently published a new "Synthetic Organic Compounds Manufacturing Capability" brochure. The 54-page publication, which contains thousands of organic compounds, represents current manufacturing capabilities from Alfa Aesar's Avocado Organics plant. The list includes many unique building blocks that are reportedly not available from other sources. A 12-page section lists precious metal compounds and catalysts that are also available. In February 2002, Alfa Aesar acquired Avocado Research Chemicals, Ltd., which added an important organic research chemicals component to the existing Alfa Aesar/Johnson Matthey manufacturing portfolio.

To request a free copy of the brochure, call (800) 343-0660 or (978) 521-6300. The company's complete product line is also available through its online catalog at http://www.alfa.com.