Ceramic Industry

Alfred Appoints Cormack Director of Graduate School

December 2, 2002
Dr. Alastair N. Cormack, the Van Derck Frechette Professor of Ceramic Science, has been named director of the Graduate School at Alfred University. Cormack, a former dean of the School of Ceramic Engineering and Materials Science, has been serving as director of that school's graduate programs. In his new capacity, he will be in charge of graduate programs for the entire university. "This new position highlights the importance of graduate programs across the university," said Dr. David Szczerbacki, AU provost. "As director, Dr. Cormack will be an advocate for these programs as we allocate resources, launch new programs and develop academic policy. Most significantly, he will be an important voice in coordinating academic research."

Alfred's website is located at http://www.alfred.edu .