Ceramic Industry

Alfred Graduate Student Receives NSF Fellowship

November 24, 2010

James Kelly, a 2006 alumnus who is working on his doctoral degree at the Kazuo Inamori School of Engineering at Alfred University, has received one of 10 National Science Foundation Fellowships for international travel. Kelly planned to use his NSF funding to attend the third International Congress on Ceramics, which took place in Osaka, Japan, in November. He was scheduled to present a poster on his Ph.D. research, “Exploring the Preparation of Nanostructured Carbide, Boride and Nitride Ceramic Powders Using Scalable Solvothermal Reactions.”

In addition, the fellowship includes support for a two-day industry and sightseeing tour at the end of the event, as well an opportunity for Kelly to spend two weeks at Ryukoku University in Shiga, Japan, where he will collaborate with Prof. Manshi Ohyanagi’s research group to study the sintering behavior of lutetium orthosilicate nanophosphors by spark plasma sintering.

For additional details, visit www.alfred.edu.