Ceramic Industry

Almatis Announces Global Price Increase

October 24, 2005
Effective for all new contracts placed after November 15, 2005, Almatis will increase prices 8-15% as a result of the continued and rapid increase in utility, transport and raw material costs. The global price increase covers all specialty alumina products -- including tabular alumina, calcined alumina, calcium aluminate cement and spinels -- for the refractory, ceramics and polishing markets. "In order to lessen the impact of volatile costs, we continually work to enhance our business and production processes. Our objectives are to be the high-quality, low-cost producer and to ensure global and secure supply of our premium alumina products," said Heide Evans, global vice president commercial for Refractory, Ceramics & Polishing.

The company's website is located at www.almatis.com.