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Almatis Enjoys UNITECR (posted 9/25/07)

September 25, 2007
As the platinum sponsor of the recent UNITECR ’07 conference, Almatis demonstrated its commitment to the industry and its customers.

As the platinum sponsor of the recent UNITECR ’07 conference, with a 60 square meter exhibition booth, two technical presentations and participation in the podium discussion, Almatis demonstrated its strong commitment to the industry and its customers. At this year’s conference, Almatis showcased and introduced its Global Product Concept and presented its new temperature independent cement.

“Our mission is to enhance the business of our customers and to create true value for them. The UNITECR conferences have always been an excellent platform for exchange and dialogue on global market needs and trends,” said Martin Laudenbach, chief executive officer. “As a market leader, we strive to anticipate and respond to the market needs of tomorrow. With new products and concepts, we are providing solutions to our customers’ quests for innovation while meeting their demands for reliability and consistency. I am convinced that our contributions to this year’s UNITECR in Dresden underscore our commitment.”

Almatis’ Global Product Concept for the refractory industry, under which the company will endeavor to manufacture products to a unified set of specifications at its plants around the world, will allow its customers to source identical product in all regions. For example, Almatis has been harmonizing the particle size measurement in all of its plants worldwide, using the same laser instruments to ensure that product properties and specifications are identical wherever products are produced.

The new temperature independent cement for low- and ultra-low-cement castables is an additive-free 70% alumina cement (CA-470 TI) that is expected to significantly reduce setting time variations at different ambient temperatures. This is especially important for on-site installations during seasonal changes and for export business across regions with different climates.

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