Ceramic Industry

Almatis Launches New Website (2/6/07)

February 6, 2007

Almatis recently announced the launch of its new website, which features a wide range of useful, value-added information. “We’ve tailored our website to the demands and requirements of our customers around the world,” said Julia Cline-Sellers, chief administrative officer. In addition to company information, the new site provides detailed information on the specifications, benefits and applications of individual Almatis products, along with technical papers on related topics.

By clicking on the homepage industry links, users can view detailed information on Almatis products and applications in refractories, ceramics, polishing, flame retardant polymers, solid surface and cast polymers, or paper and paints. Technical product data sheets, which are particularly important to the users of specialty alumina products, can be downloaded in convenient PDF form.

The new site is located at www.almatis.com. For more information, call (49) 6995-734128 or e-mail info@almatis.com.