Ceramic Industry

Altair Files Patent for Nano-Sized Zirconia Process

December 5, 2001
Altair Nanotechnologies Inc. recently announced that it has filed a patent covering its process for making nano-sized stabilized zirconia. Stabilized zirconia is one of the dominant materials used today in thermal spray coatings, which protect metals subjected to corrosion caused by intense heat or extreme conditions. Thermal spray services represent a $1.3 billion industry. Products covered by the patent application include zirconia stabilized by a variety of materials including calcium, magnesium, yttrium and rare earth oxides in a wide variety of compositions. Altair's nano-sized stabilized zirconia is also a major component in the development of the company's solid oxide fuel cell core (SOFC) program. SOFC applications have been attracting worldwide attention due to their high-energy conversion efficiency and their improved performance with regards to pollution and use of natural resources.

For additional technical information on Altair's nanoparticle materials, visit http://www.altairtechnologies.com. For general information regarding Altair and its products, visit http://www.altairint.com.