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Aluminium Pechiney and Baotou Aluminium Create Joint Venture

September 9, 2003
Baotou Aluminium Co. and Aluminium Pechiney have reached an agreement for the construction of a new production unit for high-purity aluminum at Baotou (Inner Mongolia), China. This project relies on the patented Pechiney technology for segregation of high-grade aluminum to produce high-purity aluminum, mainly used in the manufacture of electronic components and capacitors. Aluminium Pechiney and Baotou Aluminium will have a respective ownership of 51% and 49% of the joint venture company. The total amount of the investment is estimated at $13 million (U.S.). Construction of the new unit is expected to start in fall 2003; production is expected to begin in October 2004, with an initial production capacity of 5000 tons of 4N aluminum.

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