Ceramic Industry

Amcor Glass Tubing Enters Supply Agreement with Solyndra

March 15, 2011

Amcor recently announced that its Glass Tubing business has entered into a long-term agreement with Fremont, Calif.-based solar energy company Solyndra to supply tubular glass for its proprietary solar energy panels. The companies will transact over $200 million of business throughout the life of the contract.

As part of the agreement, Amcor will invest $4 million to expand its Glass Tubing facility in Millville, N.J. The expansion is scheduled to be ready for added production by this fall, with full production beginning in 2012.

Amcor currently has two full production lines in operation in New Jersey for Solyndra, with the expansion adding an additional three lines. The expansion will result in a dedicated team to support Solyndra, including operations, quality control and future technical development. Once at full production, 40 new employees will have been added to support the expansion for Solyndra.

“Our dedicated Solyndra production team in Millville will function as a focused factory for their product line to ensure quality products and continuous improvements,” said Kevin Derbin, vice president and general manager of Global Glass Tubing for Amcor. “This agreement also contemplates how we will accommodate Solyndra’s expected growth over the next decade, which further underlines the trust and confidence the two companies place in each other. Together we will continue to work on innovative ways to develop better efficiencies and enhance the competitive nature in this growing segment of the alternative energy industry.”

“Amcor Glass Tubing has worked closely with Solyndra since the beginning and understands our need for the highest quality, durability and reliability in our solar module that will produce power on a rooftop for more than 25 years,” said Ben Bierman, EVP of operations and engineering for Solyndra. “They are an important part of our U.S.-based supply chain and have shown their ability to meet our needs for glass tubes. We currently use more than 3 million a month, and expect to double that in the next six months as our 300 MW Fab 2 ramps to meet product demand.”

For more information, visit www.solyndra.com or www.amcor.com.