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Americans Rally for Glass Recycling

December 1, 2010

The Glass Packaging Institute's (GPI) second annual Recycle Glass Week, held September 12-18, united communities across the U.S. with glass container manufacturers, suppliers, and recyclers around local events to build awareness and boost glass bottle recycling. With 55 awareness activities in 20 states, Recycle Glass Week created buzz across the country that recycling glass bottles and jars has powerful environmental and energy saving benefits.

Activities and Prizes

During the week, Saint-Gobain Containers educated elementary school students in 10 states about the importance of choosing and recycling glass. The company will continue to reach out to kids across the country through its new virtual Captain Cullet program. Saint-Gobain Containers and Green Broad Ripple Village in Indianapolis, Ind., also organized the drop-off of 100 glass container recycling bins for Broad Ripple bars and restaurants.

In Salem, N.J., and Winchester, Ind., Anchor Glass Container organized collection drives for glass bottles and jars. Community members also gathered in Muskogee, Okla., for Owens-Illinois' (O-I) glass container collection event, and in Houston, Texas, residents rallied during We CAN Recycle Inc.'s first-ever G-Cycle glass container collection event.

An online virtual scavenger hunt with chances to win iPod shuffles, T-shirts, cash, and more was launched to build excitement for Recycle Glass Week. The hundreds of consumers who participated were able to learn about the environmental payback when they recycle glass bottles and jars.

One consumer tweeted, "Thanks so much for your efforts to get the word out on glass recycling and for developing that e-scavenger hunt. I thought it was a really cool interactive way to get people involved." The success of the e-hunt shows that individuals are interested in recycling to help create a greener future.

Awards and Recognition

For the second time as a part of Recycle Glass Week, the GPI recognized six "Friends of Glass" in four categories. This recognition honors those companies, organizations, and persons making significant and innovative efforts to promote or participate in glass container recycling for bottle-to-bottle use. The 2010 Friends of Glass honorees are Container Recycling Institute (website); MGM Resorts International (hospitality industry); We CAN Recycle Inc. (organization); and, in the Best Friends of Glass category, Boulevard Brewing Co., Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, and LiDestri.

Finally, the GPI honored 10 consumer products goods companies for expanding the frontiers of glass package design with its 21st annual Clear Choice Awards. The winning package designs demonstrate that glass continues to be the "clear choice" for consumers who want a package that offers a premium look and feel and also protects the products they are buying. The Boston Beer Co. took the prize for Overall Package Design with its Samuel Adams Barrel Room Collection.

Increasing Awareness

Recycle Glass Week events are proving a powerful tool to bring attention to the value of glass container recycling and ultimately help reach the goal of using 50% recycled glass in the manufacture of new containers by the end of 2013. Reuse of post-consumer recycled glass containers minimizes consumption of raw materials, lessens the industry's demand for energy, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

We hope you join with us for next year's events. In the meantime, keep recycling your glass bottles. Find more 2010 Recycle Glass Week and Clear Choice Awards details (and photos) at www.gpi.org.