Ceramic Industry

Anton Paar: New Environmental Chamber

September 9, 2003
Available as an accessory for all Physica MCR rheometers, a new environmental chamber from Anton Paar enables rheological measurements from -100 to 1000C. The CTD-1000 can accommodate plate-plate and cone and plate geometries up to 25 mm in diameter; torsion tools will be available soon. The design of the new chamber includes a ball bearing rail system for safely separating the oven halves and provides ample space for simple and safe sample loading or tool exchange. High operating temperatures inside the measuring chamber require powerful cooling systems outside. A cooling circuit keeps the surfaces of the CTD-1000 cool enough to touch, even when aluminum melts are tested in the measuring chamber only a few centimeters away.

For more information, call (800) 722-7556 or visit http://www.paarphysica.com .