Ceramic Industry

Anton Paar: Small Angle Light Scattering Module

November 6, 2003

Rheo-SALS, the new Physica small angle light scattering module from Anton Paar USA, is an expansion module for the company's MCR series of rheometers that allows simultaneous rheological and light scattering measurements. While rheological measurements provide information on the bulk, or macroscopic, properties of a material, SALS can probe the microstructure of a material at the same time. Since bulk properties often depend to a large extent on microstructure, simultaneous measurements are beneficial for gaining a better understanding of a material's overall rheological behavior. Rheo-SALS features a complete small angle light scattering system, including a laser block, a temperature controlled rheo-optical measuring cell, focusing optics and a detection unit that includes a CCD camera.

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