Ceramic Industry

Aremco Products, Inc.: Adhesive

May 15, 2001
Aremco Products, Inc.'s new CeramabondTM 618 is a single part, phosphate bonded, silica filled ceramic compound that provides exceptional adhesion to low expansion ceramics, quartz and glass, as well as molybdenum and tungsten metals. This adhesive offers temperature resistance to 1850°F (1000°C), a dielectric strength of 250 volts per mil and a volume resistivity of 10(9) ohm-cm at room temperature. Ceramabond 618 also offers excellent resistance to oxidation and most acids and alkalis. The material is an inorganic, water dispersible system that is easily dispensed by brush or syringe. It fully cures in 1-2 hours at 700°F, and it sinters and strengthens further as it is exposed to temperatures above 1000°F.

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