Ceramic Industry

Aremco Products, Inc.: Ceramic Adhesive System

December 5, 2001
Ceramabond(TM) 503 from Aremco Products, Inc. is a single component, alumina-based adhesive system used to bond nichrome heating element wire to mica ceramics. The system is inorganic, water soluble, alumina-filled and resists temperatures to 3200F (1760C). It can be applied by spatula, syringe or brush, and fully cures in 1-2 hours at 700F. Ceramabond 503 sinters and strengthens further to a lap shear strength of 800-900 psi as it is exposed to temperatures above 1000F. Additional applications for the system include the assembly of dense ceramic components used in ultra high vacuums, the repairing of ceramic sagger plates used in furnaces, and the bonding and coating of platinum/rhodium wires to aluminum oxide heater cores.

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