Ceramic Industry

Aremco Products, Inc.: Machinable Ceramic

October 3, 2001
Aremco Products, Inc. has introduced AremcoloxTM 502-1100-UF, an advanced alumino-silicate machinable ceramic for producing reliable, low-cost brazing fixtures and a wide variety of industrial parts, such as electrical and thermal insulators, burner and combustion nozzles, and welding shields. The material demonstrates exceptional mechanical, electrical and thermal properties, including a compressive strength of 25 kpsi, dielectric strength of 100 volts per mil, and thermal conductivity of 9.0 Btu-in/hr-ft(2)-F. Its coefficient of thermal expansion is 2.5 in/in/F x 10(-6), making it ideal for thermal shock applications. Aremcolox 502-1100-UF can be machined easily using conventional tooling. After a simple firing procedure, it is fully dense and resistant to 2100F.

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