Ceramic Industry

Asahi Glass Sublicenses Smart Sunroof Glass Technology

January 8, 2004
Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. has acquired a sublicense from its affiliated company, AP Technoglass Co., to use the SPD-Smart Light Control Technology of Research Frontiers Inc. Asahi intends to evaluate this technology for the production of sunroof glass applications. Asahi Glass is the parent corporation of AP Technoglass and Glaverbel, SA, both of which are also existing licensees of Research Frontiers. Asahi Glass became authorized under sublicense from AP Technoglass, which is one of North America's leading sunroof glass producers. Users of SPD-Smart products can manually or automatically "tune" the amount of light, glare and heat that comes into a home, office or vehicle. SPD-Smart products offer functional and aesthetic benefits such as savings on heating and cooling expenses, reduced fading of fabrics and artwork, and the ability to control light and glare without losing prized views to blinds and curtains.

For more information, contact Asahi Glass at (81) 33218-5408 or e-mail info-pr@agc.co.jp . Information about SPD-Smart products can be found at http://www.SmartGlass.com .