Ceramic Industry

ASP Opens Copper Reclaim Facility

August 1, 2001
SEMX Corp. recently announced that its subsidiary, American Silicon Products, Inc. (ASP), is now reclaiming copper wafers in the new facility it has established for this purpose. Having passed several qualifications and receiving numerous orders, the company is now in production mode. This separate facility was necessary for stripping the copper in order to avoid contamination of the company's silicon reclaim operations. After stripping, but prior to further processing, the wafers are tested for trace metals using an Agilent 7500S by VPDICPMS technique as a further safeguard against contamination.

The company also announced that Frank R. Garcia, formerly of Motorola and most recently general manager of Crystaltek, has been named vice president of engineering and operations for ASP.

For more information, visit http://www.SEMX.com.