Ceramic Industry

ASTM Announces Revisions to Ceramics Test Method

June 3, 2002
ASTM committee C28 on advanced ceramics has approved 26 revisions to ASTM C 1161, Standard Test Method of Advanced Ceramics. Currently available, the revision will assist those who prepare ceramic bend bars for strength tests. Test method C 1161 is used to measure ceramic strength in the specifications of committees F04 on surgical and medical devices and F34 on rolling element bearings. "According to industry sources, 90% or more of the 1000-1500 flexural strength specimens that are prepared weekly in the U.S. conform to the "B" size (3 x 4 x 50 mm) in ASTM Standard C1161," said George Quinn, ceramic engineer with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). "After 12 years on the books, this standard, which superseded an earlier MIL standard, was given a major overhaul to meet the growing needs of the ceramic community."

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