Ceramic Industry

Asylum: Fluid Controller

January 3, 2001
Asylum Research has announced its new NanoFlow™ fluid controller, which allows nanoliter control of the fluid in experimental chambers or cells. Computer control allows users to monitor and switch easily between different fluids, or to adjust salt and molecular concentrations, pH and more -- all without interrupting or disturbing imaging. The nanoliter precision insures that precious molecules are measured, not wasted. With the NanoFlow, users can choose to expose samples to sub-microliter quantities of reagents for a few seconds at a time, allowing for observation of the results. The design ensures continuous flow-through control of the fluid environment at rates from 0 to 20 microliters per second in the standard configuration. Sophisticated injection algorithms allow controlled fluid injections of quantities down to two nanoliters.

For additional information, call (805) 692-2800 or e-mail terry@AsylumResearch.com.