Ceramic Industry

Asylum Research: 3-D Atomic Force Microscope

March 12, 2002
Asylum Research recently announced the availability of the MFP-3D(TM), its new molecular force probe 3-D atomic force microscope (AFM). The MFP-3D has the best noise performance of any commercially available AFM and offers true flexibility for researchers who want to get the most out of their experiments. "The MFP-3D defines a new paradigm in atomic force microscopy," said Dr. Jason Cleveland, chairman. "Even recently released 'best selling' AFMs are still limited by old design, such as analog electronics and proprietary code that can only be modified at the factory. The MFP-3D's incredibly quiet sensors, digital design, and flexible software will allow scientists to really expand their research capabilities." The MFP-3D comes standard with a closed-loop design in all three axes with scanning imaging modes including Q-controlled AC (with phase) and contact mode (with lateral force). For precise control, the patent-pending NPS(TM) nanopositioning system directly measures the position of each axis with high accuracy and noise performance.

For more information, call (805) 692-2800 or e-mail terry@AsylumResearch.com.