Ceramic Industry

At Least We Don't Work for Ford

September 3, 2008

Times might be tough in the ceramic industry, but please join me, gentle readers, in being thankful that we’re not trying to sell cars. As reported today on CNNMoney.com (www.CNNMoney.com), Ford Motor’s August sales were down 27% compared to last August. Sales for Toyota, Honda and GM also declined, though GM beat a 28% estimated drop to decrease by only 20%.

According to a Ford representative, the disastrous first half of 2008 actually represents the good news for the year. “We expect the second half of 2008 will be more challenging than the first half, as weak economic conditions and the consumer credit crunch continues,” said Jim Farley, group vice president of marketing and communications.

The automotive sector has been and remains an important market for the advanced ceramic and glass industries, so while not surprising, these August sales results are certainly discouraging. Diversification will be a key factor in manufacturers’ ability to weather the automotive downturn.