Ceramic Industry

AVS Announces AVS-Hetherington (6/27/06)

June 27, 2006

Advanced Vacuum Systems (AVS), Inc. is marketing, producing and servicing the EOI Hetherington line of high-temperature processing systems under the name of AVS-Hetherington. AVS will continue to produce and support these furnaces for new and existing clients. AVS-Hetherington furnace systems are used in the processing of a wide variety of products that require precise, uniform temperature in high-vacuum or various high-purity atmospheres for optimal yields. "The AVS-Hetherington product line is an excellent addition to our already comprehensive line of vacuum and pressure furnace products," said Steven R. Levesque, president of AVS. "For the past two decades, Hetherington furnaces have delivered high quality and service. We intend to continue producing and servicing these furnaces to the same high standards."

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