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Avure to Build World's Largest Hot Isostatic Press (2/13/07)

February 13, 2007

Avure Technologies, Inc. recently announced that its Vasteras Sweden operating unit has been awarded a contract to build the world’s largest hot isostatic press (HIP) by Kinzoku Giken Co. Ltd., a Japan-based contract processor. The system is part of a two-press order that will be used to support Kinzoku Giken’s growing HIP processing business in Japan, China and Southeast Asia.

Designated as a “giga-HIP” because of its tremendous size, the larger of the two presses will stand over 41 ft (12.6 m) tall and weigh over 600 tons (550,000 kg). It will have a large work zone with an inside diameter of 79 in. (2000 mm) and length of 165 in. (4200 mm). The operating temperature will be 1350°C and operating pressure will be 17,000 psi (1180 bar).

For more information, e-mail glenn.hewson@avure.com or visit www.avure.com.