Ceramic Industry

AZO Uses Freeman Technology Rheometer

November 29, 2011

AZO GmbH + Co. KG, a supplier of automated raw material handling equipment, recently announced it is using a Freeman Technology FT4 powder rheometer in its approach to powder characterization. The company has replaced older shear cell equipment and a basic powder tester with the rheometer, which has reportedly reduced the time needed to reliably characterize new powders.

The FT4 powder rheometer is reportedly giving AZO a new set of parameters with which to rationalize the in-process behavior of powders. This additional information and extra insight is helping the company to develop new, more secure design protocols and to more efficiently identify optimal powder handling solutions for its clients.

“The dynamic testing capability of the FT4 is allowing us to look at our powders in a completely new way,” said Michael Mayer, research engineer for AZO. “We’re finding basic flowability energy (BFE) [a dynamic parameter] especially useful because it differentiates powders so sensitively. It’s now the test we first turn to when we get a new material. But aeration testing is really valuable, too, because it gives us insight into how the powder will behave in unit operations such as pneumatic conveying. The FT4 is fully automated, so all the testing is quick, easy and highly reproducible.”

For more information, visit www.freemantech.co.uk or www.azo.com.