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BAE Receives Cockpit Seat, Cabin Armor Contracts from Sikorsky (posted 2/5/09)

February 5, 2009
The first deliveries are scheduled for 2010, and the total value of the programs will be approximately $90 million through 2022.

BAE Systems recently announced that it has received contracts from Sikorsky Aircraft for the development and initial deliveries of CH-53K cockpit seats and cabin armor systems. The first deliveries of both seats and cabin armor are scheduled for 2010, and the total value of the programs is estimated at approximately $90 million through 2022. Sikorsky is planning to build 156 CH-53K aircraft.

BAE Systems’ efforts on these initial contracts will include design, development, testing, qualification, and delivery of initial systems to support the flight and ground test aircraft. Follow-on contracts would be placed for production orders and spares.

“Whereas other aircraft armor applications are usually done as retrofits to existing aircraft, this system will be designed and qualified into the aircraft, ensuring that the armor meets the same safety, interface and airworthiness standards as all other equipment on the CH-53K,” said Don Dutton, vice president of Occupant Protection Systems for BAE Systems.

The new cockpit seat will be part of BAE Systems’ S7000 family of armored crashworthy seats and will meet the most demanding U.S. Military standards. It will also include integration of the CH-53K’s fly-by-wire flight controls, which will allow for improved occupant safety, ergonomic integration and mission endurance. The cabin armor will utilize BAE Systems’ latest technology to minimize weight while providing protection to the occupants and critical systems of the CH-53K.

BAE Systems’ Occupant Protection business is part of the newly formed Security & Survivability Systems. Products include composite, ceramic and transparent armor technologies; integrated vehicle armor systems; vehicle and aircraft survivability components and accessories; and soldier protection equipment.

The company’s website is located at www.baesystems.com.