Ceramic Industry

Baikowski Reaches Two Milestones

October 12, 2004
Baikowski Chemie (BC) and Baikowski International Corp. (BIC) celebrated two major milestones in 2004 - BC's 100th anniversary and BIC's 25th anniversary. In 1904, two Baikowski brothers emigrated from Poland to France to find a better political and cost environment to do business. They produced synthetic sapphire and ruby jewels, and the process required high-purity alumina as a raw material. Today, BC is an alumina raw material supplier, with specialty polishing and lighting as its main markets. Several factory expansions have occurred, especially over the last 10 years, as BC's markets have expanded globally. BC is now owned 100% by PSB Industries, also located in Annecy, France.

BIC started as the U.S. division of BC in 1979. To celebrate 25 years in existence, the sales office and warehouse was moved to a new location on the north side of in Charlotte, N.C. Since 2001, BIC has also served as the owner of Baikowski Malakoff (BMI), a high-purity alumina business located in Malakoff, Texas. Previously a division of Reynolds Metals and Alcoa, BMI produces alumina for the worldwide high-tech ceramics market.

The company's website is located at http://www.baikowski.com