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Ball Jar Celebrates with Exhibition, Commemorative Jars (posted 4/28/09)

April 28, 2009

The iconic Ball®, named after the five Ball brothers from upstate New York who began to manufacture the glass fruit jar for home canning, is celebrating its 125th anniversary in 2009. A trusted staple in millions of American kitchens, the Ball jar continues to help consumers and foodies alike preserve their favorite foods and kitchen creations.

“It’s amazing to take a step back and see the impact Ball has had on millions of Americans-everyday cooks, local growers and many others-throughout its 125-year history,” said Chris Scherzinger, vice president of Marketing for Jarden Home Brands. “The brand clearly has staying power with consumers, especially today with so many people eating locally, focusing on sustainability and food safety, while also looking for ways to save money in tough economic times.”

The Ball 125th anniversary is being commemorated with a new exhibit, “Can it! 125 Years of the Ball Jar,” which opens this month and will be on display until August 23, 2009, at the Minnestrista Cultural Center in Muncie, Ind., the home of Ball jars since 1884. A snapshot of the exhibit will also be available at FreshPreserving.com, along with other historical information and how-to education for consumers who are new to fresh preserving.

This spring, Ball will also release a series of anniversary products for fresh preserving and storage:
  • The 125th Anniversary Collector’s Jar is a 1-gal decorative jar that commemorates the original Ball trademark jar of the early 20th century. The jar, designed for bulk storage and decoration, features an 1884-style lid with a push-down sealing feature. The jars will be available for the suggested retail price of $14.99.
  • The 125th Anniversary Special Edition Lid, found on all Ball canning jars, features a new brushed silver design with an anniversary graphic depiction. These special lids will be available only for a limited time in the 2009 fresh preserving season. Jars in varying sizes will be available in cases for the suggested retail price of $8.99 to $11.99.
  • A newly commissioned “Ball Blue Book® Guide to Preserving” will include new recipes that make it easy for beginner canners to get started, while also stretching the gourmet repertoire for experience canners. 2009 marks the 100th year of the “Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving.” The book will be available for the suggested retail price of $5.49.
In addition to the anniversary products, Ball will also update its lids on all fresh preserving jars, which will feature a brushed silver finish for a sleek, new design.

“After a strong 2008, we expect this momentum to continue for our anniversary in 2009,” said Scherzinger. “With the challenging economy, we have seen millions of consumers increase their gardening and fresh preserving activity, and the full array of Ball products is the ideal solution to meet their needs.”