Ceramic Industry

BassTech International: Raw Materials

May 8, 2001
BassTech International offers the highest quality raw materials for manufacturing needs. Since 1994, the company has established a reputation for excellence as a domestic supplier of chemicals, plastics, minerals, metals and flame retardants. Headquartered in New Jersey, BassTech has representatives in North America, Europe, Asia and South America. The company inventories millions of dollars of materials strategically located throughout the United States, Europe and Asia to guarantee continuity of supplies and offer "just-in-time" deliveries. Some of the available materials include barium, strontium, phosphate, fluoride and fluoborate chemicals; titanium dioxide; silicates; and aluminum oxide powder.

For additional information, call (201) 569-8686, fax (201) 569-7511, e-mail info@basstechintl.com or visit http://www.basstechintl.com.