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BekkTech, LLC and Ionic Fusion Announce Strategic Alliance

June 24, 2004

BekkTech, LLC and Ionic Fusion Corp. have joined forces to research and find solutions in three important areas for the fuel cell industry: costs, catalysts and corrosion resistance. "Cost, catalyst and corrosion problems are hindering progress in the industry," said Tim Bekkedahl, president of BekkTech. "BekkTech's expertise in analyzing and testing fuel cell models, coupled with Ionic Fusion's cutting-edge IPD technology, means we can take significant strides toward solutions to these problems." Recent findings by the BekkTech/Ionic Fusion team will be presented at Fuel Cell 2004 in Denver, Colo., by Bekkedahl and John Petersen, Ionic Fusion's chief technology officer. They will address correcting corrosion and related issues.

For more information, visit http://www.BekkTech.com or http://www.ionicfusion.com