Ceramic Industry

BF Goodrich: Spray Nozzles For Dust Suppression

November 6, 2000
A line of high-performance Delavan® spray nozzles is available from BFGoodrich Co. for dust suppression applications. Applications engineers can draw upon a variety of hollow or solid cone spray pattern designs to suit specific needs. Spray patterns can be engineered to provide spray angles ranging from 30 to 120 degrees, fine-droplet atomization or large-droplet distribution, and flow rates from 18 to 75 gpm (68 to 284 litres/min.). Special clog-resistant designs are available for dirty or corrosive/erosive fluids and gas streams. Design pressure ratings range from 100 to 500 psi (6.89 to 34.4 bar).

For additional information, call (800) 621-9357 or (704) 291- 3100, fax (704) 291-3101, or e-mail sales@delavan.com.