Ceramic Industry

BIA Reports EPA Will Open MACT Rule

May 17, 2004
The Brick Industry Association (BIA) recently reported that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had sent notification of its decision to reopen the MACT rule to allow comments from the Sierra Club concerning the rule's allowance of dry limestone absorbers (DLAs) as a permitted control device. Evidently, this action is being taken to address the EPA's procedural deficit in not having allowed the Sierra Club or others due opportunity to comment on the DLA provision (because DLAs had not been part of the proposed rule). It is expected that the reopening of the rule will take four to six months. In the same notification, the EPA informed the BIA that it has reviewed information submitted on risk, does not agree with the BIA's analysis regarding particulate matter hazardous air pollutants (PM HAPs), and will not allow discussion of risk in further proceedings. The BIA is aggressively moving to address these issues.

For additional details, visit http://www.bia.org.