Ceramic Industry

BIA Seeks Input From Manufacturers On MACT Rule

March 14, 2005
With MACT reconsideration coming soon, input is needed from manufacturers so that the Brick Industry Association (BIA) can properly and persuasively respond to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The BIA expects the "Federal Register" to soon publish the anticipated EPA request for MACT-related comments on the issue of allowing the use of dry limestone absorbers (DLAs) as the basis for the EPA's limit established for sources of emissions. This comment period is part of the "reconsideration" of the Brick MACT rule. The BIA is interested in obtaining critical input from member manufacturers so that it can respond as persuasively as possible. First, the association is seeking to identify facilities that have, since May 2003, installed any pollution control devices, either DLA or other. Second, for those companies that have already begun working to comply with the MACT rule, the BIA would like to identify any challenges that have arisen.

Responses should be forwarded, no later than March 24, to Susan Miller at Cyger Technologies (formerly with the Clayton Group), (919) 924-1185 or smiller@cyger.com. For additional information, contact Miller or Joseph Casper, BIA, at (703) 674-1545 or jcasper@bia.org.