Ceramic Industry

BIA Sponsors Manufacturing Benchmark Program

June 13, 2005
The Brick Industry Association (BIA) is launching the first BIA-sponsored Brick Manufacturing Benchmark Program, which will be conducted by Ducker Worldwide, a leading building and construction intelligence firm. In order for this program to be successful, participation by the manufacturers of the brick industry is critical. The BIA has mailed survey forms to manufacturers, and asks that they be completed and returned in a timely and accurate manner. All information will be kept confidential between each manufacturer and Ducker. After all data has been compiled, manufacturers will receive an individual benchmark report and analysis for their company that compares and contrasts their individual plant performance against plants similar in product, region, volume and modernization.

For additional information, call (703) 674-1545 or e-mail jcasper@bia.org. The association's website is located at http://www.bia.org.