Ceramic Industry

Binks and DeVilbiss: Contaminant Reduction

November 28, 2006

Equipment options from Binks and DeVilbiss offer high levels of contaminant-free finishing. The Binks line of high-efficiency spray booth air filters (AF HE) is appropriate for all general industrial applications. AF HE filters provide “two-in-one” performance, with a backing behind two layers to absorb 99.81% of all errant spray emitted. This compares with standard filter efficiency of only 98.1% and offers significant cost savings and a cleaner environment. DeVilbiss Clean Air products remove contaminants from the system down to microscopic levels, insuring a quality finish for even the most sensitive of applications. By filtering out airborne contaminants and excess moisture, Clean Air products extend the life of air-operated tools and provide the best finishing possible for a variety of industrial applications.

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