Ceramic Industry

Binks: Spray Guns

June 2, 2004
The field-proven, rugged design of the Binks LEL, HVLP, Gel Coat, GW and Grani-guns make them a perfect solution for the rigorous demands of the resin-filled applications of today's tub and shower market. Binks offers a complete line of spray guns for gel coat and resin outfits. Its standard spray guns offer superior tip design, resulting in better pattern and uniform application coverage, as well as minimized overspray and unparalleled durability for longer life. This durability has emphasized importance in the tub and shower industry, where resin-filled applications demand rugged construction. Binks also offers specialized spray guns for a host of applications, including models for hydraulically assisted air atomization, heavy materials applications, touch-up and repair guns, gel coat-specific guns, and the PC Grani-gun for internal re-circulating for granite systems.

For additional information, call (800) 992-4657 or visit http://www.binks.com.