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June 2, 2008

I don’t know about you, but it can be difficult for me to find time to search online for the information I’m after. I’d much rather spend my time reading blogs and articles, not trying to find them.

I’ve been using Google Alerts for some time now, and I must say it’s a big help. You can choose what words/combinations of words you’re interested in, what type of alerts you’d like, and even how often you’d like to receive the e-mails. For example, below is a listing I recently received for “ceramic + education” as the key terms.

Google Blogs Alert for: ceramic + education

By ArtWorks! Academy(ArtWorks! Academy)
A troubled teen enrolled in the Academy in November 2005, her senior year, with tremendous potential, but little time to accomplish her basic education needs. After an internship at a local ceramic tile company, she was offered a ...
ArtWORKS! Academy News & Events - http://artworksacademy.blogspot.com/

NTCA 2008 Total Solutions Conference Schedule
NTCA is a non-profit trade association serving every segment of the industry, spearheading education for the professional installation of ceramic tile and allied products. For more information, please contact NTCA membership director ...
Design News - http://www.floorbiz.com/BizNews/

Sidonie Villere
By Bayou Contessa(Bayou Contessa)
This active and busy artist has also curated a "Clay: A Compelling Expression" at the Jonathan Ferrara Gallery and several group shows for the National Council on the Education for the Ceramic Arts. And she even finds time to teach art ...
Bayou Contessa - http://bayoucontessa.blogspot.com/

Classroom Teaching
By Doug Noon
At the end of that time, someone will bring me a box, and I will put in it a ceramic apple somebody gave me thinking it would be symbolic somehow. I will have nothing, and that will be proof of the meaning of my work. ...
Borderland - http://borderland.northernattitude.org

May 26, 2008
By Pickerhead
For example, consider the admonition to use ceramic cups rather than paper or Styrofoam cups. The idea is that production of paper cups causes more trees to be felled and Styrofoam cups cause more oil to be extracted. ...
pickerhead.com - http://www.pickerhead.com

Signing up for Google Alerts is free and really easy. Take a look at www.google.com/alerts.