Ceramic Industry

Blue Line Receives ISO Certification

June 23, 2003
Blue Line Corp. recently announced the receipt of its ISO 9001:2000 registration from Underwriters Laboratory. Blue Line is a manufacturer and distributor of inorganic chemicals, specializing in rare earth and zirconium products and a proprietary sol-gel technology. The technology is a sol-gel that consists of very small (nanometer sized) particles of metal salts dissolved in an organic solvent. The resulting sol is then delivered to the customer and combined with the desired customer substrate for application. The substrate can be waterborne latex-based coatings and adhesives, protective coating, water-based sealant, wood coating or other organic systems that will inherit unique properties due to the addition of the sol. The customer specifies the critical properties of the final mix, and the sol is customized to meet these properties.

For additional information, visit http://www.bluelinecorp.com .