Ceramic Industry

BOOK REVIEW: The Penland Book of Ceramics

February 3, 2009

Wow, The Penland Book of Ceramics is my idea of eye candy. It immediately made me want to reach for the nearest bag of clay. This book is an excellent choice for someone who already has some pottery experience. Good, practical, easy-to-understand information regarding how to go about creating a piece of work is provided in detail.

I particularly enjoyed the opening sections written by the artists. Understanding some of the thought processes that go into why they create the work they do inspires me to look at my work in different ways. This is certainly a book worth having for practical knowledge, inspiration and the simple joy derived from looking at beautiful work.

Title: The Penland Book of Ceramics: Master Classes in Ceramic Techniques
Price: $19.95
ISBN #: 978-1-60059-275-1

For more information, visit www.sterlingpublishing.com.